The road to 100 per cent renewable electricity

The road to 100 per cent renewable electricity

Renewables are not only THE sustainable energy choice, they’re also the most affordable form of electricity in history. This is a BIG deal. For years, the higher cost of solar and wind were used as reasons not to divest from dirty energy sources like coal and oil. Now there are no excuses.

We’re working to get the federal government to commit to reach 100 per cent zero-emissions electricity throughout Canada by 2035. This is a massive endeavour, and we need your help to fund this work and much more over the coming year.

Count me in

There are many challenges ahead. Fossil fuel companies continue to rake in obscene profits, driving up home heating costs. Canada needs to build infrastructure to properly store and distribute renewable energy throughout the grid. We need to move quickly to create the system changes we need.

Your year-end gift today will help push Canada even further to end of fossil fuel supremacy — locally and globally by:

  • Transitioning quickly to renewable energy.
  • Stopping fossil fuel expansion, capping oil and gas emissions and supporting a tax on the sector’s windfall profits.
  • Finding new ways to push for climate justice.

And more…

Make my year-end gift now

Make your gift before midnight on Sunday, December 31 and it will be doubled. 

Why make your gift NOW?

  1. The climate crisis is accelerating and we’re all feeling it. We need your help more than ever.
  2. Your gift will be matched if you donate before midnight December 31, doubling your giving power.
  3. The calendar year is ending. This is your last chance to get a 2023 tax receipt.

Canada’s federal charitable donation tax credit can be up to 33 per cent of your gift. Depending on your province or territory, you could get an additional 24 per cent of your donation back.

Here are the tax benefits you’ll receive:

Total Donations made by you $50 $100 $250 $500 $1,000 $2,500
Your approximate tax credit* $10 $20 $60 $161 $361 $964
Approximate cost to you $40 $80 $190 $339 $639 $1,536

* These values are approximate for donations made by Ontario residents. Tax credits for donations from residents of other provinces and territories may vary slightly. For more information, refer to

P.S. When many people come together to demand action, politicians MUST listen. You’ve got the power to create meaningful change. Your year-end gift today will push Canada to back its promises with effective action. Your gift will be matched. AND you’ll get a tax receipt.

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