TECH: Track Your Car Using Your Smartphone, Thanks To This Tiny Device

Track Your Car Using Your Smartphone, Thanks To This Tiny Device

‘Dude, where’s my car?’

The legendary movie wouldn’t have the same plot if it was shot nowadays. Wondering why?

Well, because technology is advancing every day, and according to the latest news, we now have a device that lets us track our cars with using our smartphones. This means that with only one teeny-tiny device that you can put anywhere in your car, you can know where it is every minute of the day.

What’s All The Hype About?

If you are now wondering what’s the hype with this new device, can you tell us more about the last time you forgot where your car was on the parking lot? Got it confused with a dozen others? Or about that time when you were in another city and left it on public parking space away from you?

Every car owner loves his car – which is why we all deserve to have control over our cars, even if we are not driving them.

Anyways, the name of the device that lets you know where your ‘baby’ is is TrackR. Unlike any other expensive GPS system, it is the size of a coin and does not charge any additional fees after you buy it. Coming from a California-based startup, TrackR is a company that created a tiny device that works with anything – and not just your car.

TrackR Bravo 4 Pack
TrackR Bravo 4 Pack

How Does It Work?

The thing is….

It can be your car, your purse or your truck. As long as TrackR is in it or attached on it, you know where these things are only by using your smartphone. Basically, TrackR connects through your phone with a free app that you can install.

It’s really simple after that – all you do is attach it to your keys, put it inside the glove box of your car, your keys or the hidden pockets in your purse.


Let’s all forget the expensive GPS systems and save time while searching for our belongings. Most importantly, let’s be better in finding our cars at the parking lot – and safer by knowing where they are 24/7.

Shall we?

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