TECH – Apple Is On A Good Way To Make Diabetes Care And Treatment Better

Apple Is On A Good Way To Make Diabetes Care And Treatment Better

Are you a fan of secret projects as much as our investigators are?

In the latest series of ‘big brands doing secret projects’, we are focusing on Apple – and their mission to develop wearable devices that can monitor the blood sugar of all diabetics without the need for invasive finger sticks. This mission goes back to the time of Steve Jobs and his idea of revolutionizing diabetes care. However, it was put on hold up until now, when Apple finally decided to gather up the best biomedical engineers from famous companies and work on the project.

Apple Watch
It all started with the purchase of Cor in 2010, when Apple strategically positioned itself into a market that integrates noninvasive glucose monitoring into wearables like the Apple Watch. As you probably know, glucose monitoring requires that diabetics use lancets to pierce their fingertips (and spill a few drops of blood) four times daily.The glucose monitoring is essential to warn diabetics when blood glucose is rising or falling rapidly and when it may potentially trigger hypoglycemia – a condition that can lead to a diabetic coma or ketoacidosis.

So, how does Apple improve this process?

Simply put, the company started focusing on blending in these glucose sensors into wearable devices. And even though it sounds simple to you, it is actually a big challenge. However, in a market that is full of diabetics, this comes as a major disruption and is expected to help a lot of people in the long run.Apple did its research in this field and came to a conclusion that the overall diabetic testing market can reach $17 million in 2021, up from the $12 million in 2016. As soon as these results popped up, Apple started focusing on its existing partnerships with companies specialized in monitoring and wearables (Dexcom, Cor etc.)This is definitely more than rewarding news for all diabetics – and an answer to their prayers. Finally, tech could move us to a future where everything will be linked – and measuring your glucose levels can be done with as little as one click of a button on your watch.


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