TECH – 3 New Things You Can Do With The Latest Google Earth Update

3 New Things You Can Do With The Latest Google Earth Update

Remember Google Earth? Or like most would say – the app that lets you spy on your neighborhood, or your relatives abroad?Well, this app now got a new update. And we are warning you – it is very, very addictive. Basically, the engineers at Google never stop improving things and rolling out new app versions. Thanks to this latest update, Google Earth is using 3D imagery, curated video content and a lot of other features that make the app hundred times better.In order to zip up the fun for you, we are listing the best novelties you can have fun with in the latest update of Google Earth.

3D Maps Are Actually A Thing Now

The concept of 3D maps has always been strange to us, mostly because we are used to seeing 2D topography. However, the all-new Google Earth lets you view more than certain buildings in 3D (like in the old times) and layer them up in the Layers portion of the app. Now, you can see actual mountains and all types of topography in 3D and realistically see what digital mapping looks like in another dimension.

A Chance To Feel Lucky

If you have seen the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button on Google or used it at some point – know that it has officially come to Google Earth as well. Basically, this is the most glorious way you can distract yourself at work and see the world in pictures and video. Let’s just hope this will boost your travel senses!

Get Doses Of David Attenborough

Google decided to do a really great thing with the latest update of Google Earth – blend in Planet Earth’s David Attenborough into the earthy experience. If you are wondering how this is possible, the answer is simple. Google partnered up with BBC News for all types of videos that feature David Attenborough’s narrative while you are exploring the jungle – or seeing similar wild world topography. The videos are all there to the side and you will absolutely enjoy it.Can’t wait to test out these features? Get your new Google Earth for Chrome or Android and start satisfying your geography senses.

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