Six ways to honour National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Today is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Here are ways you can make it count…

from the David Suzuki Foundation family

On this National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we’re all invited to pause and share a moment of silence and reflection, in honour of the thousands of children who died at the hands of Canada’s residential school system.

We also invite you to act. Today can’t be marked by silence alone. Too much needs to be done to right the wrongs of this nation’s past and present.

There are many ways you can support Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Here are six. But you can also explore your own path in whatever meaningful way you choose.

  1. Lift the burden of education off the shoulders of Indigenous Peoples. Visit the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation to get started or sign up for the free online course on Indigenous Canada at the University of Alberta.
  2. Wear an orange shirt. In recognition of the harm the residential school system did to Indigenous children, their self-esteem and well-being, wear an orange shirt and engage in conversations with anyone who asks why. Read the history of the orange shirt here.
  3. Donate one day’s pay. We’re all invited to give one day’s pay – or the amount of our choice – to Indigenous-led projects, movements, organizations and nations. Learn about the movement here.
  4. Download the “Guide to Deeper Engagement.” A project of the Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples of Canada, this guide is a conversation-starter, offering questions for internal reflections and research about the places and Indigenous Peoples where you live. Download the guide here.
  5. Attend an in-person event. Showing up matters. Throughout Canada, community events are happening to mark the day. Check your local newspapers or social media to find an event close to you. (Please keep safe and follow COVID-19 protocols, though.)
  6. Learn more about the Land Back movement. There can be no reconciliation without a system of land governance that respects Indigenous Rights. Learn more and watch our video series on the past, present and future of land governance in Canada.

This country can do better for Indigenous Peoples. It must do better. We hope you will join us at the David Suzuki Foundation in honouring today.

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