Rock Doctor Music Reviews – IN ANY TOWN The Lucky Losers

 (Dirty Cat Records)Just a year after their critically claimed debut A Winning Hand, this San Francisco based male/ female fronted band is back with their slinky, juicy sophomore release. In Any Town is as masterful as it is smooth, with just the right amount of grit.The Lucky Losers are primarily blues vocalist Cathy Lemons and singer/ harp ace Phil Berkowitz, whose music is medicine for wayward souls, offering glimpses of paradise through a veil of tears.  They layer elements of Stax/ Volt-style R&B with electric Americana, psychedelic rock, plus Texas and Chicago style blues- what’s not to love?  Some nice vocal duets here, like Johnny Cash/ June Carter’s Jackson, with Cathy’s rough style a surprisingly agreeable partner to Phil’s elegant smoothness, vocally speaking.Produced and engineered at his Greaseland Studios in San Jose by Kid Andersen, In Any Town includes 2 covers and 9 originals, 5 of which were written by Lemon and the other 4 by Berkowitz and his writing partner Danny Caron.  Lots of different emotions through this set, from the opening cut So High, a spirited celebration of everlasting love, to the fragile title track, a slow dance of lost faith.  In other words, a collection of songs whose stories could have happened… well, in any town.In Any Town is well produced, impeccable even- a straightforward disc with the blues and soul as primary foundations that doesn’t hide behind effects and studio trickery.  The emotional content ranges from the highest highs to the lowest lows, described in the bio as “beautiful and twisted stories”… kinda makes you want to listen, doesn’t it?  Go ahead and dig in to In Any Town and you will be well rewarded.

ESSENTIALS:  So High, Jackson, Blind Man In The Dark, Still Enough Time To Cry


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