Kelowna’s Top Comics take part in a “Top 3 Comedy Night” Showdown

Kelowna’s Top Comics take part in a “Top 3 Comedy Night” Showdown

Get ready for an uproarious battle of wits and humor as the city’s finest comedians gear up for the highly anticipated “Top 3 Comedy Night” competition, set to unfold this Saturday at 8:30 PM at Dakoda’s Comedy Lounge.

Hosted by Gonzo Okanagan and proudly sponsored by Kelowna’s newest coffee destination, Anarchy Coffee Roasters, this event brings together Kelowna’s top comedic talents in a showdown unlike any other.

Three seasoned comics will take the stage, each delivering a 25-minute set that’s guaranteed to have audiences roaring with laughter. The stakes are high, with the winning comedian earning a flight, hotel stay, and a coveted headlining gig in a different city. This unique exchange program, facilitated by previous shows, has already showcased Kelowna’s comedic prowess in Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary.

The audience holds the power in their hands, deciding the victor of the night. Both sponsors, Gonzo Okanagan and Anarchy Coffee Roasters, are thrilled to champion this event, fostering comedic talent and promoting the exchange of laughter across Canada.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable evening of gut-busting comedy and witness Kelowna’s comedy scene in its prime.

Grab your tickets now at and be part of the excitement as these comics vie for the chance to take their humor to new heights!

Anarchy Coffee Roasters


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