Invoxia’s smart dog collar lets you track your pet’s heart rate and more

Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar lets you track your pet’s heart rate and more

by Stefan Tasevski

Pet trackers are a sensation among tech-savvy people, and the brand named Invoxia is looking to shake things up with a new device they are introducing this year. We are talking about a new smart collar which is essentially the Apple Watch or FitBit for dogs – allowing you to monitor your dog’s vitals and locate them anywhere with its GPS tracking feature.

Based on a combination of accelerometers and GPS sensors, this smart dog collar uses advanced technology to track heart rate and respiratory levels. As the brand announced, they worked with board-certified veterinary cardiologists to develop deep learning AI, based on miniature radar sensors. The sensors are apparently the same ones used in the Google Pixel 4 phones, and powerful enough to take readings regardless of how furry your pet is.

As the CEO of Invoxia Amelie Caudron noted, the radar “faces the neck and sends a radio signal, and that signal will not be reflected by the hair,” which means that regardless of the amount of hair your pet has, it will monitor their vitals and “know the speed and movement of the skin right under the collar.”

Caudron also added that the collar can sit more loosely and comfortably around your furry friend’s neck and still measure accurate heart rate readings. While there have been some similar devices such as EKG vests before, they have been reserved more for general use by veterinarians. With the Invoxia smart collar, you get a simple collar that makes the most out of tracking your pet’s vitals, as well as seeing their location in real-time. The smart collar is compatible with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and LTE-M, and also features a built-in buzzer.

The collar can also track when your dog is walking, running, eating or drinking, barking, or resting. If you are worried about cleaning the collar, there is also a removable fabric covering (ideal for all the running in the mud or sand).

At this point, the Invoxia collar is only for medium to large-sized dogs, though. The reason for that is its size – the tech inside makes it quite hard to create a miniature collar that is lightweight enough for smaller pups.


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