Instagram Ads Of Influencers You Don’t Follow Will Soon Hit Your Feed And Stories

Instagram Ads Of Influencers You Don’t Follow Will Soon Hit Your Feed And Stories

Instagram is in the latest tech news for a new update which has officially allowed advertisers to promote branded content from their influencers in an advertisement format in feed and in Stories.

“So, what does this change when I already see ton of ads in my feed and Stories?” – you are asking yourself.

Well, you might start seeing influencer’s paid partnerships with brands on your screen, whether you follow them or not. In 2019, influencers are hired by more and more brands to promote their products.

We have seen this through models wearing branded swimwear, car enthusiasts testing specific car models and a number of different scenarios. The real change now is that these formats will open up creators’ sponsored content opportunities beyond their followings.

“With branded content ads, businesses have an opportunity to tell their brand stories through creators’ voices,” Instagram has noted in the official announcement post.

This means that from now on, brands can use Facebook’s ads platform to get analytics on their posts, how they are performing – as well as optimize their campaigns. Just like any other ad on Instagram, this branded content will be marked as “Sponsored” at the top of the post and have a “Paid Partnership With” message with the brand above the captions.

This feature will roll out to everyone’s Instagram feed in the next few weeks and in the Instagram Stories in the next few months.

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