Cannabis-Infused Cocktails That Are Totally Dope!


Cannabis-Infused Cocktails That Are Totally Dope!

Something totally unique is hitting the Toronto cannabis scene that will delight and entertain the city’s frequent cannabis users as well as curious newcomers. “Dope Cocktails” is Toronto‘s first public event of its kind and will be held at The Jam Factory on Thursday, February the 20th from 5pm to 10pm.

This groundbreaking event gives guests the opportunity to sip and sample non-alcoholic THC and CBD cannabis-infused cocktails.  Dope Cocktails is an upscale-adult evening for people who want to relax and enjoy delicious handcrafted non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused cocktails.

THC cocktails: Diesel Sour, Cookies and Cream,  Pineapple Express, 
Canna-colada,  Pink Panther Margarita, Couch Lock Collins
CBD cocktails: 416er Elixir, The Calm after the Storm, CBD Mojito

For the THC “canna-seurs” at the event, additional mgs/THC drops will be available, however, for the moderate and less experienced members of the cannabis community, we recommend that they enjoy our cocktails as they were professionally created for this event.

$135 plus taxes and fees
The event’s one price, all-inclusive ticket includes admission to the event, DJ, art installations and 2 food items.  Nine handcrafted dope cocktails will be gifted to each guest.

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