Canadians are opening cryptocurrency wallets to support Ukraine

Canadians are opening cryptocurrency wallets to support Ukraine

by Stefan Tasevski

A lot of Canadians, including the popular actor Ryan Reynolds, are opening cryptocurrency wallets, with which they show their support for Ukraine amid the current Russian invasion. However, observers say that a lot of these funds may go elsewhere.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine inspired a lot of fake organizations into launching emergency relief efforts for Ukraine. These include registered charities, nonprofits, as well as crowdfunding campaigns for individual families.

It now seems like there are plenty of options on where to donate, which is why experts say Canadians should revisit a few factors before making a donation.

A website named is one of the ways for Canadians to do their homework before deciding to donate to a charity. For one, it lists plenty of charities including UNICEF Canada, Canada-Ukraine Foundation, CARE Canada, and others, helping people find a charitable organization that fits their interests.

On the website, you can list or search for a charity and get official statistics on the exact number of Canadians donating money using the website. Some of the most urgent donations include the Ukraine donation page, which displays different charities providing urgent aid in the country.

Bruce MacDonald, who is the president and CEO of Imagine Canada, says the current crisis is bringing out the generosity of Canadians, but a little research will help them pick a charity that aligns with their passions and ensure their “trust barometer” feels good.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of fraudulent campaigns showing up – giving more leeway to fundraise for specific conflict-related needs such as body armour or weapons.


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