CANADA’S TOP AND ALL TIME FAVOURITE ARTISTS! Who should we add to our list?

From powerhouse vocalists to genre-defying rockers, the landscape of Canadian music has birthed some unforgettable talents. As you delve into our list of favorite Canadian musicians of all time, including iconic figures like Celine Dion, the chart-topping force of Shania Twain, and the enduring rock legends Rush, you might find yourself wondering who else deserves a spot among these luminaries. So, let’s embark on a harmonious journey and ponder: who should we consider adding to this prestigious lineup of musical prowess?

1. Celine Dion – With a career spanning several decades, Celine Dion is one of the best-selling artists globally. Her albums like “Falling into You” and “Let’s Talk About Love” have been massive successes.

2. Shania Twain – Known for her country and pop fusion, Shania Twain’s album “Come On Over” is one of the best-selling albums of all time.

3. Bryan Adams – His hits like “Summer of ’69” and “Everything I Do (I Do It for You)” contributed to his commercial success.

4. Michael Bublé – A contemporary crooner, Michael Bublé’s albums, such as “Crazy Love” and “Christmas,” have garnered significant sales.

5. Alanis Morissette – Her album “Jagged Little Pill” became a cultural phenomenon and one of the best-selling albums of the 1990s.

6. Drake – A more recent addition, Drake has achieved remarkable commercial success with his rap and R&B albums.

7. Neil Young – A legendary figure in rock music, Neil Young’s albums have left a lasting impact on music history.

8. Leonard Cohen – Known for his poetic lyrics and distinctive voice, Leonard Cohen’s albums have garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success.

9. Avril Lavigne – Her debut album “Let Go” and subsequent releases helped establish her as a successful pop-rock artist.

10. The Weeknd – A modern R&B sensation, The Weeknd’s albums have achieved widespread popularity and commercial success.

11. Rush – Known for their progressive rock sound, Rush has a dedicated fan base and has achieved significant commercial success over the years with albums like “2112,” “Moving Pictures,” and “Permanent Waves.”

12. Nickelback – Nickelback is a rock band known for their radio-friendly hits and successful albums like “Silver Side Up,” “All the Right Reasons,” and “Dark Horse.”

In the grand tapestry of Canadian music, these iconic artists have left an indelible mark, their melodies weaving through our lives with timeless resonance. As we reflect on the favorites that have graced our list, we invite you to add your own harmonies. Who do you believe deserves a place among these legends?

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