Brad Paisley Concert Review

Brad Paisley Concert Review

By Colleen Greer.

Brad Paisley opens the show with style, class and great music as usual such as, Ticks and changes the words from Butterfly Tattoo, to Maple Leaf! Just a great way to start out a Canadian show.

Brad Paisley. Photo credit: Jordan Shade

The stage was very unique, shaped like an anchor. Brad was able to interact with the fans from all angles which made the experience for all his fans even that much more special.

Paisley sings I Thought I Loved You Then which is such a beautiful story and after the song he asked the crowd if they washed their hands and don’t kiss! lol.

Brad thanked everyone for making it out to the show, with all the craziness in the world, right now.

He gave out a few guitar pics and fist bumps.

Brad Paisley. Photo credit: Jordan Shade

Paisley sang Celebrity with the video playing in the background. The Muppet shown in the video came out on stage and shook hands with fans.

The steel guitar player was absolutely amazing, that sound is true country music! Brad introduces Randle Currie as the only Canadian player in the band from Saskatchewan.

Paisley literally had a different guitar for every song! What an extraordinary guitar player, his talent is unremarkable.

The band starts playing a little medley with Purple Rain and Mountain Music which roles into Old Alabama. It was extremely cool how the videos on the big screen featured live footage of the older country bands, such as Alabama.

Brad Paisley. Photo credit: Jordan Shade

Next, Brad Paisley surprises us all!

He introduces a man that he said Rules the Canadian airwaves and he calls him “The King of the North”. Brad Paisley was honoured to open for, Brett Kissel. What a very pleasant surprise for everyone!

They sing, Merle Haggards’ Okie from Muskogee, and more!

There was a lot of talk between the two and I felt the gratitude and respect they both had for each other’s talents. Amazing, to see!

After Brett left the stage, Brad takes on, Alan Jackson’s Chattahoochee. This got the crowd singing along. His energy was quite incredible.

Brad Paisley. Photo credit: Jordan Shade

He played fan favourites like:

  • I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song)
  • The World
  • Last Time for Everything
  • American Saturday Night
  • Crushin’ It
  • Perfect Storm
  • And Mud on the Tires for the Canadians that can’t keep their trucks clean. Great sense of humour!

Brad sang She’s Everything and had a Kiss Cam on the big screen showing couples in the crowd. At the end of the song, he jokes and said “Have we got any cousins yet?” It is great when we get to experience and see an Artist that is so down to earth and a fantastic entertainer!

Overall, it was a fantastic show and extremely organized, the fans seemed happy and thoroughly entertained.

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