Books for Mental Health

Books for Mental Health

Don’t you love the feeling when you read a book and get transported into a world the author created?

May 13, 2023, is your chance to come out, find your new favourite book, and meet the author who wrote it. There are also children’s books so you can meet some of the illustrators too! It’s the perfect way to spend a Saturday on a Mother’s Day weekend.

The event isn’t just about the books, although that alone is a great reason to come out. All authors agreed to put a portion of their book sales towards the Dakota Foundation for Bipolar Awareness.

“The organization focuses on bringing awareness about this disorder and funds Okanagan clinics where sufferers and their families can get the help they need,” said Director Andrew Gregson. “Being bipolar is not a character flaw, it is a chemical imbalance that affects over four per cent of the population.

Over a dozen B.C. authors are gathering at the Gallery Winery in West Kelowna for a great day of book signing and fundraising. Come out to 2233 Witt Road, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and support B.C. authors.

You can taste some wine, buy some books, grab a bite to eat from the Reggae Fusion food truck and sit on the patio. The best part is, you can shop for your favourite mother and get a signed copy of a book you think she’ll like. Or, if you have a special wee person in your life, get a book for them!

“There’s something unique and intimate about a personalized message and signature from the author,” organizer Darcy Nybo said. “There will be about 40 books in total to choose from, including illustrated kids’ books, novels, poetry books and short story anthologies.”

Children’s authors include Heather Caruso (Ten Little Stories), Alodene Lewis (Zamar’s Big Box of Imagination and companion colouring book), Dr. Kimberly Brayman with almost 20 of her children’s books that focus on well-being, Darlene Zamluk with her whimsical watercolour books, (Puddlicious and Pirates of the Sea), Beverly Lundgren (Harold the Goose,) and Darcy Nybo with a few of her children’s books (A Girl Called Goose, The Great Nibling).

There are also some fabulous award-winning poets joining the group. Come and meet Lesley-Anne Evans (Mute Swan), Cherie Hanson (Laying it on the Line), Fern G.Z. Carr (Shards of Crystal) and Sally Quon (Beauty, Born of Pain).

There are novels and memoirs, too, with authors Jane Catherine Rozek (The Celestial Proposal, Innocence Derailed, Purity Found), Johanna van Zanten (Guardians Betrayal, Between a Rock and  Hard Place), Sarah Carrington (Where Do I Belong), and Darcy Nybo (Reluctant Angel).

To round things out there are two anthologies. A short story collection by Heather Caruso (In These Pages) as well as a very short story collection curated by Darcy Nybo (Dribbles, Drabbles and Postcards) which is full of B.C. authors.

“Come and get your book signed by B.C. authors who pour their heart and soul into their work,” said Nybo. “Why order online? Come out, drink wine, eat great food, and chat with the authors, face-to-face! And you come away with something you, your family and/or the kids will cherish for years to come.”

There will also be donation jars available for those who want to give a little more.

“Aside from books and a fundraiser, it’s also a great way to support a local winery,” Nybo said. “Sisters Kirstin and Tasha have put their hearts and souls into The Gallery Winery and yet they still find time to support B.C. authors and the community. So come out, get a good book, a bottle or two of wine and sit on the patio and enjoy the sunshine!”

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