Big White Ski Resort Introduces State-of-the-Art Electric Car Charging Stations

Big White Ski Resort is proud to announce the launch of its new electric car charging stations, now in full operation at the brand new Big White Central Reservations building located in the Happy Valley Parking lot. This initiative is a significant step towards promoting sustainable transportation options and reducing the resort’s carbon footprint.The newly installed charging stations align with the resort’s dedication to embracing clean energy solutions while providing guests with seamless access to sustainable travel options.“Big White Ski Resort is dedicated to providing exceptional experiences to our guests while also prioritizing our environmental responsibilities,” said Michael J Ballingall, Senior VP at Big White Ski Resort. “The introduction of these electric car charging stations is a significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint and enhancing the overall sustainability of our operations. We’re excited to offer our visitors the chance to enjoy the beauty of Big White while embracing environmentally friendly travel options.”These 100kW, 200A rapid charging stations are strategically positioned within the Happy Valley Parking lot, providing easy access for visitors and guests. With most electric car charging stations just over 50 kilometers away, the new charging stations will ultimately provide improved accessibility and convenience for electric car drivers.

Big White Ski Resort remains committed to continually exploring innovative ways to integrate sustainability into its operations and elevate the guest experience.For more information about Big White Ski Resort and its new electric car charging stations, please visit

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