Become a BC Wine Ambassador and Champion BC wines plus the Okanagan Wine Festival

Become a BC Wine Ambassador and Champion BC wines plus the Okanagan Wine Festival

It’s time to embrace our amazing BC wine industry and get out to events such as those presented by the Okanagan Wine Festivals Society (OWFS).

Killjoy COVID is not in the rearview mirror, yet its extreme heaviness has lifted and we can return to embracing those things we love. For me it’s been a gradual transition from staying at home and partaking in online events to getting out in public again.

Still, it is reassuring many of our past options of face-to-face events have returned heralded by such announcements as the schedule for the Okanagan Wine Festival now in full swing, May 5 to 15. This is the first time in two years that OWFS has been able to hold the festival.

“We are thrilled to be back to events and doing the important work of putting our BC wineries on the stage they so well deserve!” says Elan Morris, General Manager.

If you haven’t already discovered it, check out the Digital Festival Guidebook at to help plan your festival experience. If you move quickly, there are still great options to consider such as special tastings, dinners and vineyard adventures.

The Okanagan Wine Festivals Society is known for producing four seasonally inspired Okanagan Wine Festivals in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. It is responsible for Signature Wine Events including the Valley First Wine Tastings, and it produces and runs the province’s most prestigious and oldest wine competition, the British Columbia Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards.


OWFS also presents the WINETHUSIAST CLUB, a different kind of wine club which many perks include discounted tickets to its Signature Events. See the website to learn more and join the club.

Photo Courtesy Okanagan Wine Festivals Society of past BC wine Signature Event

Wine Growers BC Launches BC Wine Ambassador Program

I now proudly possess a Certificate of Completion for successfully completing the Wines of British Columbia Ambassador Program Level One Online on April 24.

“The Ambassador Program is a one-of-a-kind, exclusively BC focused series of educational wine courses designed to share what makes BC wine so unique, and worth getting in your glass,” explains Laura Kittmer, Communications Director.

In time for the 2022 April BC Wine Month, Wine Growers BC launched The Wines of BC Ambassador Program newly certified curriculum Level One online course. I love BC Wine Month and let’s face it, for me, every month is a discovery of BC wines!

I was offered an exclusive sneak peek of the new interactive online course (valued at $75+gst) with a complimentary access code along with a bottle of BC’s best to enjoy while delving into the 60-to-90-minute course.

RBuchanan photo: Wines of British Columbia Ambassador Program media package

The fun and informative Level 1 online program covered:
• What is unique and special about BC wine
• Varieties and styles of BC wine
• The unique climate of where grapes are grown in BC
• The history of BC wine
• BC wine and food pairing

Companion wine for me to savour with the course was 2021 Rose from Monte Creek Ranch. What a great representation of the diversity of BC’s wine regions, grape varietals and winemaking methods.

I highly recommend the program. It offers valuable information whether you wish to get involved more deeply with the industry or to have a more immersive experience in appreciating BC wines.

Go to to learn more about its specialized education program and many other innovative programs to encourage you to truly appreciate BC’s dynamic wine industry.

RBuchanan photo: Enjoy Wines of British Columbia Ambassador Program in the comfort of your own setting with a tasty selection such as Monte Creek Ranch Rose.


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