Adidas Just Released Their Latest 3D-Printed Shoe – And It’s Awesome

Adidas Just Released Their Latest 3D-Printed Shoe – And It’s Awesome

How informed are you about Adidas sneakers? Or 3D technology?Well, now you can get to know both of these aspects and dive in the world of tech-inspired fashion. Adidas just unveiled a new model in their 3D-printed series last night, and they are a major improvement on their last 3D printed runners which were merely a concept of a potential product.The new version is actually a product – and is ready for mass production. In fact, Adidas plans to sell more than 5,000 pairs this upcoming fall and more than 100,000 pairs by the end of next year. Or as a lot of tech experts would like to say, this brand pushes the boundaries of conventional fashion and tries to replace it with the new 3D model.The worse part of the story is that these 3D runners will be retailed for $333. Knowing that 3D technology is invented to make things cheaper – and better – this comes as a huge surprise to all Adidas lovers and tech fans. The good news is that if other sports brands follow the trend, the prices of such shoes will eventually drop.When it comes to the shoe itself, Adidas teamed up with Carbon – a Silicon Valley 3D-printing company and a startup which raised more than $200M. The key to turning 3D printing into fashion was the shared idea of both companies – using a method called Digital Light Synthesis. This method is able to print objects up to 10 times faster than other 3D printers and does layering in an expert way, starting from the bottom.Made of liquid resin material, this pair of Adidas 3D sneakers is much more flexible compared to the materials used by standard 3D printers. Still, it is up to us to see if these beauties will be accepted by the community in the same fashion they are advertised.

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