5 Secret Features For Your Apple Watch Series 8

5 Secret Features For Your Apple Watch Series 8

With no cosmetic changes, the Apple Watch Series 8 offers the exact same features and functionality as the previous generation gadget.

The casings still come in the 41mm and 45mm size options and include the same rounded edges, slim display borders, sapphire crystal backing, and haptic Digital Crown.

The Series 8 boasts front glass that won’t break, is dust and water resistant to an IP6X
standard, and is WR50 rated. Additionally, it has an Always-On display that lets users always see their watch face and complications. The improved charging puck allows Apple Pay transactions using credit and debit cards saved in the Wallet app and provides the same faster charging speeds as the Series 7 model.

Despite having an S8 chip inside, it functions very identically to the S6 chip from two years ago and does not provide any performance improvements. Now let’s list out some secret features you probably didn’t know about.

1. Use your Apple Watch 8 to operate your iPhone

You can use your iPad or iPhone to operate your Apple Watch in the same manner that you can with your iPhone.

The same Apple ID must be configured for iCloud on both your iPhone and iPad, and they must be linked to the same network.

  1. Navigate to your Watch’s settings.
  2. Tap Accessibility after scrolling down.
  3. Opt for Control Nearby Devices.
  4. Tap on your phone when it appears. Control it now.
  5. Utilize your Apple Watch 8 to manage your iPhone.

2. Use your iPhone’s screen mirroring feature to control the Apple Watch 8

Using Apple Watch Mirroring, you can control and view your Apple Watch screen from an
associated iPhone. Touch or other assistive features on your iPhone, such as Voice Control, Switch Control, and others, may be used to interact with Apple Watch.

  1. Log into your iPhone’s Settings.
  2. Click on Accessibility.
    3. Apple Watch Mirroring should be chosen.
    4. Set Apple Watch Mirroring to on.
    5. Your iPhone can now manage every aspect of your Apple Watch.

3. Watch YouTube videos on your smartwatch

Watchtube is an interesting app that lets you watch YouTube videos directly on your
smart watch. Many features are available on WatchTube, including: watching YouTube videos; following different YouTube channels; suggesting videos; looking back at previous episodes; favorite videos; and adding captions.

  1. Go to the Watch’s App Store.
    2. Install WatchTube by performing a search.
    3. View any YouTube video right now on your wrist.
    4. Use your Apple Watch Series 8 to access YouTube

4. Make watch faces using portraits

The Photos watch face is one of the most widely used Apple Watch watch faces, claims Apple. On how to use a photo as an Apple Watch face, we go into great detail.

If you simply want to learn how to create the Portrait watch faces and you own an iPhone 7 Plus or later that can shoot portrait photos, an Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or SE, you must do the following:

  1. Go to your phone’s Watch app and open it.
    2. Select Portraits.
    3. Any image will do for your portraits.
    4. Change the font, time, and object for the creation of portrait watch faces

5. Allow Apple Watch to Speak or Vibrate the Time

With the addition of the Taptic Time function to the Sounds & Haptics area with the watchOS 6 updates, it is now possible to know the time on the Apple Watch without having to look at it. Once triggered, a variety of haptic taps with different durations will let you know what time it is.

A range of haptic feedback patterns, including hourly long taps and Morse code taps, are also available.
1. Open the Watch 8’s settings.
2. Touch Clock.
3. To announce the time, turn on Speak Time or Taptic Time.
4. Allow Apple Watch to Speak or Vibrate the Time
We hope you liked these secret Apple Watch features!


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