Waterproof Amazon Kindle Could be the Answer

The First Waterproof Kindle Is Here – And It’s Great. After 10 years of Kindles, the market finally got what it asked for – the first waterproof Kindle for obstruction-free reading.

Even though the waterproof feature is not a novelty on the market, the Amazon Kindle has made a new technological  advancement and is now proud to have the IPX8 waterproof rating. Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017: Waterproof And Aluminum-Based. The name of the waterproof Amazon Kindle is Kindle Oasis, which is actually the same name as last year’s premium Kindle. However, the differences in size are obvious, and the new 2017 Kindle has a bigger, 7-inch screen now. On top of that, it is crowned with an aluminum back which gives it a unique look and feel compared to the plastic Kindles we’ve been used to.

Finally, your Kindle can be as good as an iPad on the beach, in the rain, or no matter where you are. You can keep it on your

table, or near your tap when reading while in the kitchen – and not fear of any spills on its screen. Unlike last year’s Kindle Oasis, the new 2017 Amazon Kindle Oasis relies on its built-on battery and features – the same design for easy one-handed reading. However, Amazon says that it managed to fit in a bigger battery with keeping the device’s compactness the same.

A Built-In Audible App & Bluetooth feature If you are hooked on audible, you will be amazed to hear that the new waterproof Kindle has a built-in Audible app as well. However, there are still no speakers, but you can stream the audio book over Bluetooth to a set of headphones or a speaker. According to the market, this waterproof Kindle is going to sell like hotcakes. Even though there are millions of Kindles already sold out there, the market always needs something better – and the waterproof feature is probably the big buzz they were waiting for. You can get the new waterproof Oasis at the end of October, starting at $250 for an 8GB model. This also makes it the most expensive model in the line of Kindles. Let’s just hope it is the best one as well!

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