Toronto-based Lawbrokr launches, seeking to reinvent the accessibility of legal services

Toronto-based Lawbrokr launches, seeking to reinvent the accessibility of legal services

by Stefan Tasevski 

The Canadian startup and legal services platform Lawbrokr has officially launched after raising $785,000 in an attempt to simplify the accessibility of legal services. The app is backed by a group of angel investors. Its main goal is to provide lawyers with the autonomy to make their first move, find clients for them, and become the best first customer experience platform in the legal segment.

The core product of the app, Lawbroker Connect, will be further enhanced with the money raised in pre-seed funding. The team behind this product also wants to scale into other markets (outside of Toronto) and make legal services simple and straightforward to access.

Clients can benefit from Lawbroker in many ways. Just like many lawyer-facing ads, users can open this app whenever they want to quickly search for lawyers specializing in a specific subject, or lawyers that can suit their particular needs and are right for them.

Lawyers can also use Lawbrokr to create a profile and be matched to cases suiting their specific area of expertise. They can also review all pertinent case information before accepting, or chatting directly with the client.

One of the co-founders, Daniel Steinberg, said that the inspiration behind an app like this came as they were “trying to help modernize the legal industry.” The Lawbrokr team aims to reshape the way consumers interact with lawyers and bridge the gap of 77% of legal problems that are currently unmet by lawyers.

“I’m excited to build a consumer-facing brand that people can trust and align with. Lawbrokr wants to humanize the legal experience, and have fun along the way, something that has yet to be a focus within the legal sector,” Daniel concluded.

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