TECH: Google Is Getting Updated!

Google Is Getting Updated: Now Allowing You To Book Hotels And Flights Through Search Results

The leading search engine giant Google has always cared for its fellow ‘searchers’. A solid proof for that is the new announcement, where the company says that there will be changes in the way we search hotels and flights.

Basically, Google will make booking hotels and flights a lot easier. As the company announced last Tuesday, this will change the way people search for hotels and flights but also let them interact with the search engine on a deeper level – even from their mobile devices.

We all know that hotel and flight bookings are common out there, and that a lot of people make them via their smartphones. With the newest Google update, the users can scroll through the search results for hotels that include photos and eventually swipe through the photos without even leaving the list of results.

The flights search will get the same treatment. Bookings will be done through search and the filtering and comparisons can be done directly on air travel searches (on Google). According to the company, now users will be able to toggle more easily between the flights and hotels and have greater access to travel information than ever before.

Additionally, Google thinks that if more and more people plan their booking and flights on a smartphone, they will save time and not have to open their laptop or computer to do that at home.

What a (mobile) time to be alive, right?

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