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   Non Stop Talk is a young Indie Funk Rock band out of Victoria with all the requisite elements of success, including a cool stage aesthetic. They were more than a pleasant surprise. Those who were standing outside flooded through the doors like children following the Pied Piper soon after the band launched into their repertoire. Although they hail from Campbell River, they’ve set their roots down in Victoria, BC – where they all rock at day jobs. The band features Collin Massie on guitar and vocals, Aaron Thurlborn-Hansen, on bass and vocals and Chris Banks on percussion and backing vocals. NST, for a brand new band,  is about sophisticated grooves – and they are just getting started…

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I shy away from drawing comparisons between bands and the music that they “sound like”. Rather I take into consideration the vast sea of sound, the essence of what has gone before, which I believe, is justly evident in all music today. When a skilled, unique band performs well, I see it more as an homage to that pedigree. I was aware of a sense of familiarity when listening to their music to what is, these days, an oft-overlooked sophisticated facet of classic rock, including the likes of Steely Dan. Woven into the fabric of their music were also subtle essences of Jethro Tull; I heard Little Feat; I heard Santana… I was particularly pleased to hear the “Steely” influence there, because a modern take on this incredible band is timely, pertinent and smart. Little River Band, I believe, is also represented. A tip of the hat to Soundman Ted Cadillac. The sound-alchemy was evident in the silky mix he conjured on the fly.
Photo Credit: Facebook
The magic of the room was quickly evident – a new extension to the stage created the effect that band was up close and personal with the audience. Theatre seating, refined sound engineering, a plush interior that serves well to create a relaxed, warm ambiance  – all blends exceptionally well with the velvety quality of the superlative mix.All of this is not to gloss over the incredible museum-esque collection of incredible music memorabilia, and all manner of oddities and intrigues that Long John has amassed over the years. With respect to the individual members of Non Stop Talk, what immediately comes to mind is the keyboard player, who could be the lesser-known, better-looking cousin of the Hansen Brothers. Love this guy. His vibrant personality comes through in his obvious love for music – translates directly to what he invests of himself into the keys. He is a true pleasure to watch. Matthew Bavis aka Matt X is magnetic: superlative presentation and stage presence. His glossy schooled licks are invigorating. Chris Banks was… well… sophisticated is the word that comes to mind, and equally entertaining as his mates in terms of skill and delivery. The bass player – Aaron Thurlborn-Hansen – is on his way to becoming a prodigy. Toss in his bushel of golden locks and magnetic grin and, I believe you are left with nothing else than a winning combination. I look forward with great zeal to see what else these boys have in store down the road. Non Stop Talk is one to watch.

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