Snapchat Launches Lenses That Respond To Your Voice

It seems like augmented reality gadgets are everywhere around us. In latest news, the social media giant Snapchat launched a new form of these gadget – lenses that respond to a user’s voice. While some lenses will ask users to say words like “hi” or “wow” or “love”, the list of voice commands is definitely going to develop.

Interact With The Filters And Snap Images Using Your Voice

Right now, the novelty by Snapchat seems to work fine, even though some users reported that they have to shout to get the app to hear them. So, if you are in a silent office, you should be good.

Either way, these Snapchat lenses are a perfect idea for interaction considering the difficulty to use them. Most of the lenses on Snapchat, on the other hand, require users to make specific faces or tap the screen to animate the Lenses.

A voice-activated lens like this one scratches the surface of many possibilities in the future. Despite the fact that many think there is no actual use case for them yet, they can definitely help when taking a selfie with a group of friends (and your finger cannot reach the “capture” button).

Instagram Introduces Brand Filters To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

In other news, Instagram recently got into branded AR filters – used by many celebrities on a daily basis. For example, there is a branded filter by Kylie Jenner which launched on the app yesterday. Considering that Jenner used to love Snapchat, this is a move that puts Instagram in favor.

At the end of the day, Snapchat’s lenses tend to be better designed than its rival. Even though there aren’t as many users on Snapchat as there are on Instagram, the app is definitely making some progress when it comes to its augmented reality features.

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