Shreez Surprised with 2021 SOCAN Gala Award

Québec’s most successful songwriters, composers and music publishers will be presented with awards for their tremendous accomplishments in 2020.

The 32nd SOCAN Gala is being held online Oct. 5, 2021 and will present 100 SOCAN Awards in 23 categories to this year’s winners.

The event will feature a host of award winners, video interviews, thank-you videos, trophy unboxing and a musical performance throughout the week via a dedicated SOCAN 2021 Gala website and on SOCAN’s social networks @socanmusique.

Montréal’s SOCAN Awards Gala is the Francophone equivalent of the annual SOCAN Awards show in Toronto, which celebrates the Anglophone songwriters, composers and music publishers.

Shreez Surprised with 2021 SOCAN Gala Award

To kick off the awards, SOCAN travelled to the Festival de musique émergente en Abitibi Témiscamingue (FME) to present a surprise first trophy to Shreez in the Hip-Hop/Rap Music category, during his show in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Shreez said:

“It is the greatest pleasure to be the recipient of this SOCAN award. I and my team are proud and grateful to see that all of the work we have done in this campaign is paying off.”

For SOCAN’s Chief Membership Officer, Jean-Christian Céré, the presentation of the SOCAN Award to Shreez at FME was the perfect first presentation:

“Shreez had an outstanding year in 2020, even through the pandemic, and the FME is a proud SOCAN licensed business, always understanding the importance of fair compensation for and promotion of music creators and publishers. This surprise award ceremony launches our annual celebration honouring the incredible talent and creativity of Québec’s songwriters, composers and music publishers who have managed to amaze us despite the hurdles they faced. October 5th will be a day to shine a thousand lights on them.”

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