Shad announced as BreakOut West speaker

Shad announced as BreakOut West speaker

Art comes from community. Even the adventurous artist recording in the woods borrows from a tradition and contributes to an ongoing narrative of music that only grows with time. Why then do so many of us feel creatively stifled and isolated in our cities and spaces, and how do we be true to ourselves and our music, even when it doesn’t match what’s happening around us?

In our conversation with Canadian Hip-hop legend Shad, and other consummate community builders, we talk about how to be fearless in creating the art that drives you, wherever you come from, and how to find community and inspiration in the place you’re from, and the people that lift you up.

Meet Shad, and other amazing speakers, at BreakOut West 2022.

About BreakOut West

BreakOut West is Western Canada’s largest music industry event! This is your chance to discover your next favourite band. Featuring an emersive industry and artist development conference, 50+ highlight artists.

Winnipeg, MB – Feb. 2-6, 2022


Shad is a Juno Award-winning rapper from London, Ontario and the host of Netflix’s Hip-Hop Evolution. His albums have been recognized for their sharp lyrics and soulful arrangements. His 7th full-length record, TAO, was released in October 2021 on Secret City Records.

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