Samsung Galaxy S20: A 100x Zoom Camera For Far-Away Subjects

Samsung Galaxy S20: A 100x Zoom Camera For Far-Away Subjects

By Gonzo Tech.

Have you been looking for a smartphone that comes with a camera for shooting things which are far, far away?

Well, even though there weren’t many smartphones with these features, things are changing now. And Samsung is the brand that is changing the game with its brand new Galaxy S20 Ultra.

This smartphone uses artificial intelligence to clean up images which are taken with the extreme zoom, as the company said. The firm also confirmed a new foldable device called the Galaxy Z Flip. But today, we are focusing on the S20 Ultra 5G model and its Ultra 100x zoom feature.

So Big That It Is Also Called “Space Zoom”

The brand new zoom feature in Samsung Galaxy S20’s camera is also called “Space Zoom” because it allows its cameras to offer a combined optical and digital zoom of 100x. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest zooms that we have seen or heard of to land on a mainstream smartphone.

The technology behind it packs a unique combination of optical zooming hardware, image processing and an exceptionally high sensor with advanced resolution. And while the lower levels of zoom keep things up in a “folded” 4x telephoto lens for close-up images, there is also the option between the 4x and 10x zoom which is called a “lossless hybrid optic zoom” that crops the sensors and does not lose quality up to 10x zoom.

But the most interesting part is the 100x zoom which is exclusive to the S20 Ultra model – the S20 and S20 Plus models only offer 30x zoom options.

Is It A Camera Spec Worth Considering?

We certainly know that many people will be flooding Samsung’s stores only to test S20 Ultra’s 100x zoom feature. However, the real test lies in the outdoors and photos of space, far-away objects etc.

If you are asking yourself whether this option makes the phone worth it, we would say – it does. Still, the relationship between smartphone cameras and real-life performance has been hard to predict which is why you should stay tuned for actual video reviews of the S20 Ultra and its 100x zoom option – before making a final decision.

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