RauDZ “Mints” own Gin

RauDZ “Mints” own Gin

By Roslyne Buchanan.

RauDZ Regional Table has been known for its innovative cocktail program from the beginning. It seems inevitable that as the RauDZ Creative Concepts’ family grew, its own signature spirit would be born.

A take on the classic gin and tonic, ‘The Truth’ was featured on RauDZ opening day cocktail list in Spring 2009. Flash forward 10 years, it remains popular and shines even brighter with RauDZ new gin, ‘The Whole Truth’.

Wes Hunter, Beverage Operations, serves the Sunny’s Modern Diner Bellini-style cocktail. Photo credit: Roslyne Buchanan.

Working in closely with Okanagan Spirits, RauDZ extended its mantra of ‘eat local’ to ‘drink local’ to create a custom gin with botanicals sourced from the region. ‘The Whole Truth’ is cucumber-forward with florals in the background. Tyler Dyck of Okanagan Spirits hand foraged mock orange, a native BC shrub, from Poplar Point at the foot of Knox Mountain, less than three kilometres from the restaurant’s door. Add mint, cucumber, lemon verbena and orris root (root stock of an iris) cooling notes and you have a farm-to-flask gin fit for the RauDZ culinary and cocktail team’s creativity.

Launch participants got to recreate the RauDZ Regional Table cocktail for which the gin was originally conceived. We mixed ‘The Whole Truth’ Gin in a tall glass artistically lined by a sliver of cucumber with ice, Fentimans Tonic, a squeeze of lime juice and bedecked with a fresh sprig of mint.

At RauDZ ‘The Whole Truth’ Gin launch stations were set up for participants to make their cocktail. Photo credit: Roslyne Buchanan.

First though, we heard how the creative bar skills of Wes Hunter, Beverage Operations, were tested to envision a broader role for the new gin. A custom cocktail was developed for each of the RauDZ Creative Concepts restaurants.

A flute glass coated outside with a stylish green swirl – ‘The Whole Truth’ gin signature beverage for Sunny’s Diner greeted us. With bright sparkling wine, it’s a spin on the Bellini – a beautiful bubbly that’s an exquisite complement to breakfast, brunch or a farm-to-flask launch.

For the Terrafina at Hester Creek by RaudZ ‘A Convenient Truth” white negroni, a unique ice cube that’s cucumber juice infused with mint and lime zest. Photo credit: Roslyne Buchanan.

While we didn’t taste the team’s next two creations, the descriptions have me planning how soon I can get to those properties. Featured on the recently launched new cocktail list at micro bar & bites is ‘Can you Handle the Truth’. Presented in an icy copper mug, adorned with fresh mint, the Mint Julep is tweaked with the craft gin. For Terrafina at Hester Creek by RauDZ it’s ‘A Convenient Truth’. This expression of a white Negroni – apropos for the restaurant’s Italian leanings – is accented by an ice cube of cucumber juice infused with mint and lime zest. Hunter showed us one of these ice cubes and I don’t think I’ll be alone in borrowing this idea.

Jeremy Dyck, Okanagan Spirits discusses the collaboration with RauDZ as Owner/Chef Rod Butters and Wes Hunter, Beverage Operations, look on. Photo credit: Roslyne Buchanan.

Trust RauDZ to inspire us with this refreshing new gin available exclusively in its restaurants. With the expansion to four tantalizing properties and publication of award-winning The Okanagan Table: The Art of Everyday Home Cooking by Rod Butters, it’s been quite a run for the team.

While I’m always curious to see what’s up next, you’ll find me on epicurean adventures in the four restaurants and in my own kitchen trying to recreate RauDZ brilliant renditions.

Featured photo: The Whole Truth Gin – RauDZ Creative Concepts Ltd.


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