Okanagan Sleep Wellness & Asian Cultural Fair, May 28

Okanagan Sleep Wellness & Asian Cultural Fair, May 28

Kelowna Taiwanese Cultural Society is excited to host the Okanagan Sleep Wellness & Asian Cultural Fair!

This Wellness and Fundraising event for the KGH Foundation will be held on Saturday May 28, 2022, at Grizzli Winery, 2550 Boucherie Road, Kelowna from 12-5 pm.

This is a family friendly event, with an Asian Market Place, inflatables, crafters, live music, and free Wellness Talks.

Get your tickets today!

There are three incredibly interesting and informative Wellness talks with BC’s leading experts.

Talk One: Sleep and your child (children to adolescence)

More and more children and adolescents are having sleeping issues.

Our experts Vinicio Delgado and Dr. Wendy Hall will help you understand and learn how to help your child with insightful and valuable information.

Adolescence talk will capture:

  • Why your child having a hard time waking in the morning? focusing in school?
  • Has you child been diagnosed with ADHD, emotionally labile, or low mood, especially in the morning?
  • What factors have been contributing, and what sleep deprivation for children and adolescents can result in.
  • The importance of proper sleep for your child’s growth and development.

Pediatric talk:

  • Do you wonder why your child is not able to sleep throughout the night?
  • Do you have a frequent restless night so that you can care for your child?
  • Do you wonder why your child cries excessively at night?
  • Do you wish that you can do something to help your child sleep better?

How the parent is impacted, how to address, promote and inhibit children’s sleep with support strategies and tools.

Talk Two: Concussions and Sleep

  • Do you want to play better at your sport and have more stamina during the game?
  • Do you ever wonder why you have a persistent headache, lack of focus and concentration, and are unable to perform at your usual level?
  •  Do you like to learn how important good sleep can help you to recover from a concussion?
  • Do you want to shoot better, throw the ball harder, and kick the ball more accurately?
  • Do you ever wonder why you injure frequently?

We welcome you to join us and our experts on why a good sleep is important in improving your athletic performance.

With renowned medical experts and profession athletes, Dr. Amy Bender, Dr. Maya Libben, former CFL Receiver and OK Sun Coach, Jay Christensen discuss concussions and traumatic brain injuries. You won’t want to miss this!

Talk Three: Cannabis and Sleep

Since its legalization in 2018, more and more people are taking interest in understanding the medical effects of cannabis.

Neuroscientist Kathleen Scullion will explain how cannabis affects the brain, Rob Velzeboer will review the current evidence on how cannabis affects sleep and discuss what research we need in the future, and cannabis educator Michael Koehn will finish the talk by discussing his years of experience treating patients with cannabis.

This is an extremely interesting and engaging topic. We hope you will join us to have a better understanding of cannabis and sleep!

If any of the scenarios apply to you, or someone you know, we invite you to register for this free talk/discussion. Seating is limited and can be reserved through this link.

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