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Gonzo Okanagan People’s Choice Music Award Nomination Form

Gonzo Okanagan People’s Choice Music Awards 2023

Nominate your favorite local Thompson Okanagan music performer and industry professional this March.

Online ballots are open March 1st – 31st

The Thompson Okanagan has long been a hub for live music aficionados and their musical archetypes. Magnetizing extraordinary talent from all musical genres, the Thompson Okanagan is home to some of the greatest musicians in all of Canada—whether born in the region or drawn to the valley, some may say “there is something in the water” that keeps churning out the very best in music. Conversely, we know that it is the people of the Thompson Okanagan that are creating this atmosphere of musical harmony which brings us all together—with music festivals, music venues, and music events ever expanding—it is not without gratitude that we embrace our fellow musicians and industry professionals for the light and joy they bring to our communities.

GonzoOkanagan.com opens its inaugural Gonzo Okanagan People’s Choice Music Awards 2023 nomination ballots this March. An invitation to all residents of the Thompson Okanagan to nominate their favorite Thompson Okanagan musician, group, venue, and supporting industry mover-and-shaker. GonzoOkanagan.com is proud to support and recognize local artists and venues for their hard work and talent that truly makes the Thompson Okanagan more than just a place—but our home.

Nomination Form

*Categories are subject to change depending on nomination results.
*The top three nominees in each of the 25 categories will be given the opportunity in April to showcase their musical projects via GonzoOkanagan.com and other media outlets. The final vote between the top three nominees, in each category, will take place in May. Winners will be announced at a special ceremony that will happen during the GonzoFest 2023 event (June 17th,2023). For more information email awards@gonzookanagan.com


If you would like to support the award show, local musicians, and/or live music in the Thompson Okanagan, you can sponsor an award. Contact Brad @ awards@gonzookanagan.com or 250-899-2112 for available award categories and sponsorship opportunities.