Mamas for Mamas gets support from Kelowna philanthropist

Kelowna philanthropist Brent Marshall sets a chain of giving for Mamas for Mamas to expand national support. 

As the demand from the community for services from Mamas for Mamas increases so has the need for a larger space for Mamas for Mamas to use to help the Mamas and Papas seeking support from this non-profit.

Earlier this year Kelowna philanthropist Brent Marshall approached Mamas for Mamas to donate a part of his warehouse in Kelowna to Mamas for Mamas so that they could now better support not only the local community but be able to ship to Mamas for Mamas branches across the country.

“This has truly blown us away and the efficiency that this will create for our team dedicated to supporting our families in need will save us hundreds of hours each year,” states Shannon Christensen, Founder/CEO Mamas for Mamas. “The warehouse also allows for a more convenient space for our national partners to deliver to, where we will now be able to sort quickly and get out to families much quicker to service the growing demand for help.”

Brent Marshall not only generously donated a portion of his warehouse through funds from his company Business Finders Canada, he also set a chain of giving in motion by rallying the troops and took the initiative to organize three different construction companies to get involved, who will be constructing the area to operate efficiently and give the ability for Mamas for Mamas to maximize the space generously donated to the organization.

Brent inspired the crews at Mission GroupV2R Construction and Team Construction and they have all since come together to donate the space, the materials and the time to build out the walls and other leaseholds. RONA has also stepped in to support through donating drywall supplies and materials to ensure the construction team has all they need to create the space needed.

“Through my business Business Finders Canada we donate 50% of commissions to local children’s based charities, after seeing the space that Mamas for Mamas is working out of and hearing their need for a warehouse it was a natural fit for us to help this organization in their next steps for growth while streamlining the process for Mamas for Mamas,” comments Brent Marshall, Business Finders Canada.

“I get involved with local charities as much as I can, not just because I believe in what they do but to encourage others to do the same. We all need to challenge ourselves to give back what we can. The community gives us and our neighbours so much, it’s really the least we can do.

“My goal in building this warehouse is to give the Mamas for Mamas a hand up like they do for their clients across Canada, but also to challenge every business in our community to find a meaningful way to make a difference.”

“Construction on the warehouse is taking place on Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021 and Mamas for Mamas will then begin shipping from our new warehouse once complete,” further states Christensen.

“Because of the generosity of these donors Mamas for Mamas can now ship items and crisis hampers to Mamas across Canada without the strain and stress trying to manage national inventory from our little office space. This is a hand up, not a hand out if I’ve ever seen one.”

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