iPhone Battery Life Is Significantly Overstated By Apple: Report

iPhone Battery Life Is Significantly Overstated By Apple: Report

A new report emerged in the tech news section of many sites, centering around Apple and its “significant overstate” of the battery life in certain iPhone models. The analysis was carried out from a United Kingdom-based consumer advocacy group Which?.

As it found after testing nine different Apple models, the battery life fell short on all of the devices. In fact, the devices underperformed by between 18% and 51% in comparison to Apple’s claims.

The iPhone XR model, for example, was the one that strayed furthest from the claims when it comes to talk time. Despite apple’s claim that it can withstand up to 25 hours of talk time, the tests showed that it lasted for 16 hours and 32 minutes.

Apple responded to the report by Which? and said the following:

“We rigorously test our products and stand behind our battery life claims. With tight integration between hardware and software, iPhone is engineered to intelligently manage power usage to maximize battery life. Our testing methodology reflects that intelligence. Which? haven’t shared their methodology with us so we can’t compare their results to ours. We share our methodology for testing which we publish in detail here.”

To conduct the tests, Which? timed the fully charge phones from 100% battery levels down to the 0% while making continuous phone calls and comparing the time against the manufacturers’ claims.

Apple was not the only company on the radar for its (false) claims over battery life. After testing more than 50 mobile phones from popular brands like Samsung, Sony, Nokia and HTC, Which? also found that HTC exaggerated the battery life for its devices

“At HTC we diligently test all aspects of product performance,” the company said in a statement to Which?. “Differences in setup and testing environments may result in some variation to stated talk time figures.”

The test results also seem very different to the battery tests from reputable sites such as CNET, AnandTech and Tom’s Guide, all of which rated Apple’s models as devices with excellent battery life.

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