eBay Launches An Interactive 3D Sneaker Viewer

eBay Launches An Interactive 3D Sneaker Viewer

by Stefan Tasevski 

Are you looking for sneakers on sale on eBay? If yes, you’ll be happy about the brand new feature called eBay 3D true view. As the major e-commerce platform announced in one of its latest posts, this new feature lets sellers add interactive images of their sneakers to their listings.

The feature was designed in partnership with Unity, a platform that can be used for 3D modeling in real-time. Doing this, eBay believes to offer shoppers greater transparency and room for better decision-making when looking at sneaker deals online.

As to how this feature actually works, sellers will have to use a proprietary app to take a video of their sneakers (from every angle). Then, they will upload the data to the cloud and process it using “AI methodology” (which will probably be handled by the app) in a full 3D recreation of the product.

Currently, the 3D true view feature is only limited to a number of sellers, but eBay announced its plans to expand it in 2022. Sneaker sellers interested in using this feature can sign up for the waitlist – and if you want to test the feature live on-site, you can do that from any mobile device by visiting this link.

This is only one of eBay’s latest feature unveils. In October, the e-commerce giant rolled out a sneaker authentication service that will help combat counterfeiters. Later on, it bought out the third-party sneaker authentication company it was working with (called Sneaker Con). For now, eBay is proud to be among the first online marketplace that is implementing 3D views of sneakers.

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