BreakOut West Festival, JUNO Nominees, Focus Wales Festival, Featured Artist, Spotify Playlist

BreakOut West Festival, JUNO Nominees, Focus Wales Festival, Featured Artist, Spotify Playlist

Last day for Break Out West festival submissions + early bird pricing

Don’t miss out – today is your last chance to access discounted Early Bird pricing! Prices increase beginning at 11:59pm CT. Apply now to showcase at BreakOut West 2023 in Kelowna, BC. BreakOut West showcasing artists have gone on to sign management, label, and booking agency deals from their performances – don’t miss the opportunity to share your music with the people who need to hear it.

Congrats To All Western Canadian JUNO Award Nominees!

Western Canadian Artists Added To FOCUS Wales Festival Line Up!

Featured Artist: Joey O’Neil

Bewitching audiences with emotive anecdotes from her woodland cabin life and long-haul highway schleps, her critically acclaimed sophomore album Ever Ahead was brought forth in 2020. Produced by pedal-steel wizard Aaron Goldstein, it’s an undeniable road-trip record that Exclaim! deems is made up of “postcard-like, twanged-out folk tracks”, Canadian Beats dubs “an audiobook narrated behind bluesy, western melodies”, and CBC Arts declares “is rife with playful poetry and sees O’Neil casually bounce between tongue-in-cheek lyrics and a true sense of heartbreak.”Inspired by countless cross-country journeys with her trusty canine copilot named Oblio, her lyrics present a fresh, queer perspective to some classic country tropes. Thanks to vulnerable vocals, canorous string plucking, weepy steel solos, and a sincere emphasis on storytelling, this ode to the road reminds us to keep on truckin’ as the next adventure is ever ahead.

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Featured Spotify Playlist

Dive into this collection of new music by western Canadian artists, curated by CKUA’s Kate Stevens!Follow BreakOut West on Spotify for dozens of curated playlists and find your new favourite artists.

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