An Evening with Sarah McLachlan by Darcy Nybo

Sarah McLachlan at Prospera Place – Photos by Kirstin Wakal

Sarah McLachlan charmed her way into the hearts of all those in attendance at her Friday night concert at Prospera Place. Perhaps charm is not the right word. She has a realness, a genuine way of performing and speaking that removes the barrier between performer and audience. She just is.

Sarah_AcousticHer tour features songs from her new album, Shine On, as well as the favourites that have become part of the tapestry of our lives. You know the ones I’m talking about. The songs you crank up and sing aloud in the kitchen, and the ones you play over and over again as you sob on the couch recuperating from a break up.

McLachlan’s four-piece band was remarkable with Joe Shearer on guitar, Jon Evans on bass, Vincent Jones on keyboards and Curt Bisquera on drums. Shearer and Evans were impeccable in their delivery of back up and harmony vocals throughout the show, especially during World on Fire.

For this tour, there is a living room set up on the stage where lucky audience members are brought up to sit and chat for each set. She joked that she loved the couch and had naps on it during the day. There were hugs and selfies and questions and then the lucky audience members watched the rest of the set from the stage.

McLachlan also answered questions audience members had written down. Friday night, someone asked about her most exciting sexual position and was she singing at the time. McLachlan laughed it off, and with the grace of a diplomat politely stated she wasn’t going to tell.

The night was a weaving of old songs and new, with McLachlan either on piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or simply standing and singing her heart out. Old favourites like Adia, Sweet Surrender, Ice Cream and Angel were brought out and made new. New songs like Flesh and Blood, Song for My Father and Beautiful Girl had a newness, yet were somehow familiar.

Sarah_micThere were moments where she talked of her children, the pain of her divorce and the reawakening of love in her life. As she tells it, he walked in the door and she thought, “yummy!” Then he took her fishing and the rest was history. (She is currently dating former NHLer Geoff Courtnall, who is, without a doubt, yummy.)

Despite the almost full capacity crowd, McLachlan had a way of making the evening seem intimate. As one audience member said during intermission, “It felt like she was talking directly to me, it feels so personal when she speaks.”

Aside from sharing the sheer beauty of her flawless mezzo soprano voice as she meandered from song to song, she took some time to remind the audience of a few simple truths. “We all have the power to create good in this world,” and  “It’s the hard stuff in life where you learn the most.”

To that I reply – thank you Sarah McLachlan, for getting over the stage fright you had as a child. Thank you for sharing the passion, the joy, the heartache, the ups, and the downs, and especially the recognition of the growth you’ve achieved since we first started listening to your songs.

Everyone needs a soundtrack for their lives, thank you for creating one that fits so well with ours.


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Publisher and CEO of something or other! First & foremost, father, son, brother and uncle. I am also a huge music fan, promoter and marketing & promotions maniac. As a fulltime musician for the past 35 years myself (yikes, that’s a long time!), I’ve come to appreciate the fact that I am able to perform and sing for people and in return, enjoy it as much as I do. There is something to be said for that exchange of energy and good vibes that live music brings to all, from the stage to the seats, there is nothing like it and I so look forward to feeling that again when we are out of this crazy mess we are in. Music is needed desperately in everyone’s lives. The goal is to reach out and bring some awareness and light into the music scene by featuring their new music, events and in general, some light into the changes we’ve all had to adjust to in 2020. We all feel the strain in every aspect of these changes and are going to try to do our best to fill our cups up with some fantastic local music while many so of us hang on through this bumpy ride we are on. ? Making an effort to change our own thoughts and habits, can strike a chord mentally and change us along with our communities lives. Be safe and…let’s ROCK N ROLL!


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