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We are devoted to supporting the local arts & entertainment scene in the Thompson/Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada. Written subjectively, with an up-close and personal flare, we strive to promote the best that Canada has to offer by putting our local artists, musicians, actors, comedians, writers, and cultural advocates first. We are also dedicated to the support and perpetuation of music education, film organizations, literature, and to supporting non-profits, businesses and venues. At Gonzo Okanagan, we believe that the world can be transformed through the arts, whether through music, on a canvass, or through the written word, the arts has a power to bring people and communities closer together, creating happiness, love, healing and even peace. We are inspired to make a difference. Keep the arts alive and GO a little Gonzo!

This upcoming special edition magazine will include a feature on the Gonzo Okanagan Golf Tournament and Festival, interviews with Canadian musicians, and an important piece on local musicians, venues, and promoters and how they contribute to the community. Our special edition features a tribute to Canadian icon Gord Downie, a true example of how music can change lives. This issue will also contain articles on wineries and restaurants in the Okanagan, updates about local sports teams, and local news as well as many other great stories from our amazing writers and special guest contributors.

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