In spring skiing-like conditions at Baldy Mountain Resort near Oliver amateur skiers from the wine industry gathered to test their skills and camaraderie on a dual slalom course. The 12th Annual Winemakers Cup brought together around 125 folks related to the industry including 33 different wineries, their owners, winemakers, cellar hands, vineyard team, tasting room personnel, sommeliers, suppliers, writers and more.

Jennifer Cockrall-King, writer and Howling Bluff Estate Winery, as a first-time competitor

Says Co-Founder Glenn Fawcett, Black Hills Estate Winery, “The purpose of Winemakers Cup is to foster friendships and goodwill between industry members in a fun, non-political setting. Taking people away from the business routine which can be extremely competitive at times and getting together in a fun-loving event is valuable as we try to advance the BC wine industry together.”

Ready for an afternoon of great skiing after Winemakers Cup dual slalom

Some participants snowboarded and others skied the slalom while a portion selected to cheer on their colleagues rather than race themselves. For all it was a fun day outdoors including a barbeque lunch with hamburgers, chips and plenty of beverages such as cider from Rustic Roots and craft beer by Firehall Brewing.

Outdoor BBQ at Winemakers Cup offered Firehall Brewery craft beer and Rustic Roots cider

Awards for those 18 and under were presented at lunch while others were held until the evening festivities at Walnut Beach Resort in Osoyoos. Fastest 18 and Under Girl was Marie Thiery, Osoyoos Larose, and Boy was Julien Thiery, Osoyoos Larose.

Winemakers Cup participants mingle at Walnut Beach Resort wine reception

After lunch, participants enjoyed a casual day on the slopes. After a fabulous ski day with a skiff of powder found off-piste, my husband and I headed to check into our Walnut Beach Resort two-bedroom suite we shared with our friends Ange Chew of Vernon and Jennifer Cockrall-King, writer. The room was well-appointed with the two bedrooms and two baths, kitchen, dining and living room complete with fireplace and high definition television plus, a pull-out bed. With a beautiful view of Osoyoos Lake and the mountains beyond, it was wonderful to settle in and not worry about enjoying the wine that would pour freely that evening.

With wines provided by 17 different wineries, Winemakers Cup gave the opportunity to taste some new vintages

We gathered downstairs for a wine reception and buffet at which the winners were called to the podium to receive their medals. It was a who’s who of the BC wine industry and a diverse selection of recipients:

Fastest Female Skier

  1. Marine Bos, Tinhorn Creek Estate Winery
  2. Maya Mulherin, Appellation Wine Marketing
  3. Jennifer Cockrill-King, Wine Writer and Howling Bluff Estate Winery

Fastest Female Snowboarder

  1. Jennifer Tocher, Spearhead Winery
  2. Ceilidh Bradbury, Le Vieux Pin Winery
  3. Monica Horning, Kitsch Wines

Fastest Male Skier

  1. Charlie Baesseler, Corcelettes Estate Winery
  2. Glenn Fawcett, Black Hills Estate Winery
  3. John Baesseler, Corcelettes Estate Winery

Fastest Male Snowboarder

  1. Kurtis Klumpp, Black Hills Estate Winery
  2. Jeff Nice, Burrowing Owl Estate Winery
  3. Sebastian Hotte, Ricco Bambino Estate Winery

Fastest Supplier

  1. Andy Shillington, Cellar-Tek

Slow Poke Award (Slowest Time)

  1. Pascal Madevon, Pascal Madevon Wines
  2. Jesce Baesseler, Corcelettes Estate Winery
  3. Tara Makepeace, Hugging Tree Winery
Bragging rights at the 12th Annual Winemakers Cup

It was quite the night with particular thanks going out to Monica Horning, Kitsch Wines, the Marketing & Event Coordinator for Winemakers Cup and to Kimberly Hundertmark of the BCWI who worked her tail off curating all the décor and costume accessories for the Hot Tub Time Machine part. Admittedly, we didn’t quite make the after party so missed the silent disco with DJ Shakes. From all the comments the next day, the party was epic.

Curated by BCWI’s Kimberly Hundertmark was décor and costume accessories for the Hot Tub Time Machine after party

The wine that poured so freely throughout the evening was donated by 17 different wineries so it proved an opportunity to try some new ones. The team at Walnut Beach led by Don Brogan and Courtney Fossett did an outstanding job of keeping the program flowing and the buffet replenished.

Walnut Beach team ensured program flowed and buffet was replenished

The Winemakers cup is organized and run as a non-profit collaboration between Cellar-Tek, Black Hills Estate Winery, Andrew Peller Ltd. and a diverse group of sponsors. The 13th Annual Cellar-Tek Winemakers Cup is set for Saturday, February 20, 2021.

Evening’s program for 12th Annual Winemakers Cup
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