4 cheap Apple Watch accessories you’ll love 

4 cheap Apple Watch accessories you’ll love 

Owning an Apple Watch can be a lifesaver, especially if you are in love with tech and want to swap your traditional cards with a cool payment feature directly from your wrist.

Tracking fitness data, seeing the notifications you missed, and even making a phone call is always on your wrist and a tap away, which is why many people love this compact Apple gadget that does a lot more than tell time. 

If you have an Apple Watch, you shouldn’t miss gearing up with some of these cheap accessories. 

OMOTON Universal Apple Watch and iPhone stand 

Assumming that you also own an iPhone, this stand will help you organize both of your gadgets in a completely new way. Aside from plain organization, this deck will charge your devices – it comes in seven different colors and is perfect for the desk near your bed. You can even buy one for your living room. 

12-Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protectors 

You probably think that you won’t buy 12 screen protectors for any gadget ever…But this deal will prove you wrong. The reason behind that is simple – any of these bands will change the look of your watch, not to mention their main feature which is protecting its screen. 

HUOTO 1,400 mAh portable Apple Watch charger 

Next on our list is another must-have, especially for travelers. This miniature device is very powerful – it is built with a magnetic adsorption module and will charge your Apple Watch immediately after contact. Perfect for all the times when you’ll need that extra battery life, it features fast charging (a full charge in only 3 hours). Storage is easy and you can place this charger in any of your pockets, suitcase, or even your car. It is also compatible with all models and works with all WatchOS systems. 

Fitlink Stainless Steel Metal Band 

We absolutely love this stainless steel metal band for Apple Watch simply because it goes so well with any more elegant attire. There are even nine different colors to choose from, and all of them are made of high quality stainless steel with upgraded durable buckle. In other words, this is the perfect elegant Apple Watch strap that you need that also comes with its own removal tool. 

We hope you liked our latest selection of cheap Apple Watch accessories. Think you have one that we didn’t feature in our list? Let us know in the comments! 


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